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The Board of Directors of Aspo Plc approved key employee incentive plan

Published Feb 15, 2023 1:30:00 PM

Aspo Plc
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February 15, 2023, at 1.30 p.m.

The Board of Directors of Aspo Plc approved key employee incentive plan

The Board of Directors of Aspo Plc has approved a new incentive plan for the Group key employees by establishing a new Performance Share Plan 2023–2025. The aim of the plan is to combine the objectives of the shareholders and the key employees in order to increase the value of the Company in the long-term, to retain the key employees at the Company, and to offer them competitive reward plan based on earning and accumulating the Company´s shares.

Rewards earned from each of the three performance periods of the Performance Share Plan will be based on the Group’s Earnings per Share (EPS) and two criteria based on sustainability targets. The prerequisite for participation in the plan and for receipt of reward on the basis of the program is that a key person holds the Company's shares or acquires the Company's shares, up to the number predetermined by the Board of Directors.

The potential reward will be paid partly in the Company´s shares and partly in cash in 2024, 2025 and 2026. The cash proportion is intended to cover taxes and tax-related costs arising from the reward to a key employee. As a rule, no reward will be paid if a key employee´s employment or service ends before the reward payment. The shares paid as reward may not be transferred during the restriction period. As a rule, if a key employee´s employment contract or director contract terminates during the restriction period, he or she must gratuitously return the shares earned as reward.

The Performance Share Plan 2023–2025 is directed to maximum 30 participants, including the members of the Group Executive Committee. The rewards to be paid on the basis of the Plan correspond to the value of a maximum total of 320,000 Aspo Plc shares including also the proportion to be paid in cash.

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