Aspo Plc's Remuneration Committee has the objective of preparing matters related to the remuneration of the members of the company’s management. Aspo Plc’s Board of Directors makes decisions on the salaries, other financial benefits, and the basis of the bonus plan and share-based incentive plans for the Group’s CEO and the Group Executive Committee members. In share-based remuneration plans, the provision of shares, options or any specific rights entitling the recipient to these is based on a decision issued at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting or by the Board of Directors as authorized by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Aspo Plc’s management remuneration consists of the person’s fixed monthly salary including fringe benefits, a short-term bonus depending on the profit impact of the respective position, and long-term management pension benefits and a share-based incentive plan.

The short and long incentive programmes of the Group Executive Committee

The remuneration of the Group Executive Committee in 2020

In 2020, the Group Executive Committee received a total of EUR 1,216,878 in salaries, bonuses and fringe benefits. The share of bonuses for 2019 was EUR 115,286, the share of the share-based payments for the Restricted Share Plan 2020 which was announced in year 2020 was EUR 1,053,882 and the share of voluntary pension insurance payments was EUR 64,685. The remuneration of the Group’s CEO is not included to the above-mentioned remuneration.

Updated: 29.07.2021