According to the Articles of Association, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting elects the auditor, which shall be an audit firm approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The elected auditor is also responsible for the audit and evaluation of internal audit. The term of office of the auditor shall expire at the termination of the first Annual Shareholders' Meeting following the election.

The auditor elected by the Shareholders’ Meeting is responsible for instructing and coordinating the auditing work throughout the Group. The auditor provides the company’s shareholders with the auditor’s report in connection with the annual report, in accordance with legislation. The members of the Board also receive the auditor’s interim auditing reports.

The Authorized Public Accountant Firm Deloitte Oy acts as the company auditor. Jukka Vattulainen, Authorized Public Accountant, is acting as principal auditor. 

Updated: 29.07.2021