Aspo Plc’s Remuneration Report was prepared in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code 2020 in force since January 1, 2020, published by the Finnish Securities Markets Association. The Remuneration Report contains a description of compensation paid and other financial benefits awarded to the members of the Board of Directors and the CEO.

By remuneration, Aspo harmonizes the long term goals striven by its shareholders and management to increase the company’s shareholder value and to fulfil its business strategy. The objective of remuneration is to ensure that resources necessary for the achievement of the strategic goals are committed to the company.

Remuneration Report is published simultaneously with Aspo Plc’s Financial Statements and Management report , and the Corporate Governance Statement.


Remuneration Report 2023

Remuneration Report 2022

Remuneration Report 2022

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Remuneration Report 2020

Updated: 07.03.2024