A leading supplier of plastic raw materials, industrial chemicals and lubricants

Telko is a leading expert and supplier of plastic raw materials, industrial chemicals, and lubricants. The company provides raw materials, technical expertise and support to various industries. It operates as a sustainable partner in the value chain, bringing well-known international principals and customers together.

Telko’s partners benefit from the company’s technical expertise and support, as well as its broad portfolio of raw materials that can help uncover plastic, chemical, and lubricant solutions that achieve greater productivity, sustainability, and operational quality. In 2023 Telko had operations in Finland, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and China.

To describe Telko’s efforts to improve the environmental, financial, and technical performance of their customers, Telko launched its crystallized brand image, Telko Effect™. In essence, Telko’s expertise, processes, total cost of ownership approach, and exceptional service attitude help Telko’s customers, principals, and end-users to improve their performance in a sustainable manner.

Unleashing the Telko Effect means improved quality, productivity, sustainability, and efficient use of costs and resources. Telko adopts a solution-based focus with tailored, technically-minded expertise that achieves the 
standards that brand owners strive for.

The revenue of Telko’s continuous businesses grew mainly due to the acquisitions, but profitability declined because of market price decreases. Telko managed to improve its cost efficiency and adapt costs, which mitigated the impact on profit caused by market conditions. Telko completed successfully its withdrawal from Russia and Belarus and was able to continue its business and operations in Ukraine. 

According to its strategy, Telko participates actively in market consolidation. In January 2023, Telko completed the acquisition of Eltrex, a Polish distribution company that specializes in specialty chemicals and industrial packaging materials. During the year, Telko completed its exit from the Russian market by selling its Russian subsidiary. Telko also ceased it operations in Belarus and started the liquidation process of its Belarussian subsidiary. In September Telko sold its injection moulding machinery business operations in the Baltic countries. Telko continued to explore further merger and acquistion opportunites throughout the year. 

Telko’s environmental protection practices are under constant development in accordance with the principles of the ISO 9001 standard. Telko has the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which covers all of its units in 
the EU. In addition, Telko is a member of the Responsible Care program for chemical distributors, which guides operational development to be more extensive than the minimum requirements set out in acts and regulations.

Telko is playing its part in improving the circular economy involving plastics and is providing its customers with environmentally sustainable solutions. For example, Telko was the first Finnish distributor to receive the ISCC 
Plus certificate. ISCC Plus is a certificate granted for biobased plastics. Accordingly, Telko can provide plastic raw materials produced in line with mass balance principles for its customers. In 2023, Telko achieved the silver level 
in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment.

Updated: 07.03.2024

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