The Annual Shareholders' Meeting is called by the Board of Directors and it is held, as a rule, once a year in Helsinki, at the registered office of the company. Notice of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting shall be published in a stock excgange release and on the company's website not earlier than two (2) months and not later than twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting, however, at least nine (9) days prior to the record date for the shareholders' meeting. In addition, the Board of Directors may at their discretion decide to announce about the shareholders' meeting in one or several newspapers.

At the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, the financial statements are approved, decision is made regarding the distribution of earnings, and the members of the Board and the auditor are elected. Any decisions made at the meeting will be disclosed in a stock exchange release after the meeting.

In order to be allowed to speak and vote at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, a shareholder must register at the company as indicated in the notice of the meeting. The period of registration shall not expire earlier than ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

The company's objective is that Board members attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. Likewise, the company intends to have first-time Board member candidates present at the electing Shareholders' Meeting, barring particularly good reasons for absence.


The notification of the Shareholders' Meeting, the meeting agenda, and the Board's proposals to the Shareholders are published in stock exchange releases and posted on the company's website.

A shareholder is entitled to bring matters pertaining to the company for discussion at the Annual Shareholders' Meeting if he or she makes this request to the Board in writing and in sufficient time to have the matter included in the Notice to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

Board member candidates are announced with the notification of the meeting or in other ways after the publication of the notification before the meeting, if the candidate has accepted the duty in writing and has the support of shareholders representing at least 10% of all voting rights. Moreover, the nomination of a company auditor prepared by the Board is published in the same manner before the meeting.


Updated: 29.07.2021