Net interest-bearing debt was EUR 131.5 (156.7) million and gearing improved to 74.0% (12/2023: 117.6%). Net interest-bearing debt and gearing decreased due to the cash consideration of EUR 45 million received from the sale of the minority stake in ESL Shipping Ltd. and due to the related increase in cash and cash equivalents as well as total equity. The Group’s equity ratio at the end of the review period was 38.6% (12/2023: 34.4%).

Net financial expenses in January–March 2024 totaled EUR -2.2 (-1.9) million. The average interest rate of interest-bearing liabilities, excluding lease liabilities, rose strongly and was 5.4% (3.7%), increasing Aspo’s interest expenses compared to the corresponding period last year.

The Group’s liquidity position remained strong. Cash and cash equivalents stood at EUR 67.9 (12/2023: 30.7) million at the end of the review period. Committed revolving credit facilities, totaling EUR 40 million, were fully unused, as in the comparison period. Aspo’s EUR 80 million commercial paper program also remained fully unused.



On June 7, 2022, Aspo issued a new hybrid bond of EUR 30 million. The coupon rate of the bond is 8.75% per annum. The bond has no maturity, but the company is entitled to redeem it in June 2025 at the earliest. Aspo’s previous hybrid bond of EUR 20 million was redeemed on May 2, 2022.

In September 2019, Aspo Plc participated in a EUR 40 million group bond guaranteed by Garantia Insurance Company with a loan unit of EUR 15 million. The loan has a maturity of five years and a fixed annual coupon rate of 0.75%. In addition to the coupon rate, Aspo will pay an annual guarantee provision to Garantia. The proceeds from the loan unit will be used to cover the Group’s general financing needs.

Updated: 07.05.2024

Equity ratio and gearig

Maturity of loan agreements

Intrest bearing liabilities on March 31, 2024: 197 M€