Aspo’s decision-making and administration comply with the Finnish Companies Act, securities market legislation, other regulations concerning public companies, Aspo Plc’s Articles of Association, and the rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Aspo follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code that came into force on January 1, 2020. The code is available on the Securities Market Association’s website www.cgfinland.fi.


The Aspo Group’s parent company, Aspo Plc, is a Finnish public company domiciled in Helsinki. The main responsibility for Aspo Group’s administration and operations lies with Aspo Plc’s governing bodies, which are the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors and the CEO. The highest decision-making power is exercised by the shareholders at the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Aspo Plc’s task is to own, lead and develop the operations of its subsidiaries and other Group companies, centrally administer the Group companies, take care of issues related to financing and strategic planning, and plan and implement financially expedient investments.

The Group’s operational business is carried out in the Group companies, ESL Shipping Ltd, Leipurin Plc and Telko Ltd, and in their subsidiaries in Finland and abroad.

Updated: 09.03.2023