From bread and recipes to comprehensive solutions

Leipurin is a wholesaler specializing in solutions for bakeries, food industry, foodservice and retail. The solutions comprise raw materials, recipes, product range development and training for bakeries and other food industries. Leipurin also delivers and maintains equipment for the baking industry, as well as baking units and other machinery for the food industry. In the foodservice business, Leipurin’s product and service range consists of raw materials and service concepts, such as procurement and logistics services. Leipurin principals are leading international producers and manufacturers of raw materials, ingredients and machinery. Leipurin operates in Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Leipurin net sales has been stable through the years and over business cycles, but the coronavirus pandemic weighed down demand and profitability in 2020. Restrictions imposed on bakeries and the foodservice sector had a significant negative impact on all Leipurin’s operations. Despite the market tumult, Leipurin was able to maintain good operating capacity amid the pandemic, and there were no significant disruptions in the supply chain. There were signs of market recovery towards the end of the year, and Leipurin’s market position remains strong in the industrial baking sector in Finland, Russia and the Baltic region.

Investments in digital channels

The challenging year also brought along plenty of positive development and new initiatives. Leipurin developed its digital capabilities in 2020, and its online shop in Finland grew by +88% compared to 2019. Due to exceptional circumstances, Leipurin continued the product development cooperation with customers through webinars and remote meetings. In the Baltic countries, implementation of a new ERP system was completed despite travel restrictions. Overall, the move to remote work was successful and enabled also business development in addition to handling operative routines.

Well-positioned to capitalize on the industry trends

Key trends shaping the food industry in the mid-term remain largely unchanged. On the macro level, sustainability and digitalization are key factors. For the food value chain, local production, and growing raw materials like oats and meat-analogues are trending. For the consumer, health & wellness and convenience are complemented by artisanal values and home baking. Due to its comprehensive selection of solutions and expertise accumulated over the years, Leipurin is well-positioned to capitalize on the emerging trends in the food industry.

Updated: 16.02.2022

Leipurin's share of Group's net sales 2020