Aspo forms a balanced whole. The company’s cash flow is diversified by business function and geographic region which evens out the impact of economic fluctuations on the Group’s results. Aspo’s structure makes it a defensive whole, which is also able to produce high cash flows in exceptional market situations. The goal of all operations is to develop Aspo’s value steadily in the long term.

Regardless of its international operations, Aspo is a listed company with its roots firmly in Finland. Approximately 96% of Aspo’s shares are in Finnish ownership. Furthermore, representatives of the largest shareholder families are members of the company’s Board of Directors, together with external specialist members. Through a steady dividend income, effectively diversified business operations and lower than average business risks, Aspo’s shareholders also include a considerable number of Finnish private investors, and the number of shareholders has increased steadily. Aspo has approximately 11,700 shareholders.

Updated: 09.03.2023