The purpose of the remuneration policy for Aspo Plc’s bodies is to support the fulfillment of the company’s business strategy. The objective of the remuneration policy is to secure recruitment opportunities for the personnel required for achieving the company’s strategic goals and to make these individuals committed to working for the company. The purpose of remuneration is to support Aspo Plc’s financial success in the short and long term and to be in line with the interests of Aspo’s shareholders.

The Remuneration Policy complies with the Shareholders’ Rights Directive legislation and the recommendations of Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 published by the Securities Market Association.  The Remuneration Policy describes the decision-making procedure and remuneration principles for the Board of Directors and the CEO and will be presented to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting every four years or whenever substantial changes are made to it. 

The Annual Shareholders’ meeting resolved to adopt the Remuneration Policy on May 5, 2020

The remuneration Policy of Aspo Plc, published on May 9, 2020

Updated: 29.07.2021