Sustainable value creation

Socially, financially and environmentally sustainable business is a requirement for producing long-term value. A responsibly led, growing company can create jobs, tax revenues and wellbeing.

As a conglomerate, Aspo’s different businesses partly have highly different focus areas in their sustainability. ESL Shipping has actively reduced its environmental footprint by minimizing its fleet’s emissions and energy consumption. The operations of Leipurin focus on product safety, and the reduction of waste and wastage. Product safety is also essential for Telko, which acts as a link between industrial customers and international raw material manufacturers. However, Aspo’s Code of Conduct defines a common set of rules for responsible business in all the Group’s subsidiaries.

Aspo Group’s CEO is in charge of the management of Aspo’s sustainability. The CEO reports to the company’s Board of Directors in accordance with the risk management policy.

Updated: 29.07.2021