Sustainable value creation

Socially, financially and environmentally sustainable business is a requirement for producing long-term value. A responsibly led, growing company can create jobs, tax revenues and wellbeing.

Sustainability forms an integral part of our acquisition process and ownership agenda. Aspo's businesses aim to be forerunners in sustainability. In order to support our ESG commitments Aspo has defined sustainability targets for the material areas of the group and its business operations. 

Key focus areas for the Group include reducing emission intensity and improving occupational safety. These targets showed good development in 2022 when both emission intensity and the accident frequency decreased from the previous year.

Aspo’s Code of Conduct defines a common set of rules for responsible business in all the Group’s subsidiaries. It gives guidance in areas where employees need to make personal and ethical decisions. This Code of Conduct applies to all Aspo Group employees and operations. Code of Conduct is approved and issued by Aspo’s Board of Directors.

Aspo Group’s CEO and Sustainability Director are in charge of the management of Aspo’s sustainability. They report to the company’s Board of Directors in accordance with the risk management policy.

Updated: 09.03.2023