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Inside information: Aspo's subsidiary Telko expands in Western Europe via a strategic acquisition in specialty products

Published Mar 8, 2024 12:44:00 PM

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Inside information
March 8, 2024 at 12:44 p.m.

Inside information: Aspo's subsidiary Telko expands in Western Europe via a strategic acquisition in specialty products

Aspo's subsidiary Telko expands its lubricants business to Western Europe through acquisition in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. The acquisition strengthens Telko’s presence in the European lubricants market, making Telko one of the strongest industrial lubricants distributors in Europe.

By acquiring the Western European industrial lubricants distribution businesses from Petrus S.A, consisting of shares in Optimol Tribotechnik SA, Optimol Netherlands BV, Optimol France SAS and Greenfluid SAS, Telko opens new markets and enables a platform for further growth in the area. The acquired businesses are leading distributors of premium industrial specialty and high-performance lubricants, metalworking fluids and other general industrial lubricants in France and Benelux.

"We are excited to take a significant step in our accelerated acquisition-driven growth strategy. The transaction strengthens the weight of the lubricants business in Telko's business portfolio and opens new markets for us in France and Benelux, creating a platform for further growth in Western Europe," says Mikko Pasanen, Managing Director of Telko.

Net sales of Telko's lubricants business stood at EUR 50.5 million in 2023. The enterprise value of the purchased businesses is EUR 13.7 million. The purchased companies have in total annual combined net sales of EUR 18 million with a run-rate EBIT of EUR 2.2 million.

“This acquisition is a key milestone in Telko’s compounder strategy, focusing on high value-added products and growth in Western Europe. Aspo’s ambition for Telko is to build a leading European player in distribution of specialty products" says Rolf Jansson, CEO of Aspo Group.

Telko aims to accelerate its organic growth through acquisitions to achieve its strategic goals in all three business areas and it has a solid pipeline of potential acquisition candidates. Telko remains confident of being able to further increase the M&A pace. Telko will also seek to strengthen its market share in existing markets through organic growth.

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Rolf Jansson

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