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Aspo Nomination Board proposals to the Annual Shareholders' meeting

Published Jan 31, 2019 9:06:00 AM

Aspo Plc
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January 31, 2019 at 9.30


The Nomination Board of Aspo Plc's shareholders proposes to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Aspo Plc to be held on April 9, 2019 that the Board of Directors will have six members.

Members of the Board

The Nomination Board proposes that Mammu Kaario, Mikael Laine, Gustav Nyberg, Salla Pöyry, Risto Salo and Tatu Vehmas, current members of the company's Board of Directors, be re-elected as members of the Board for the term closing at the end of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2020.

Remuneration paid to the members of the Board

The Nomination Board proposes that the compensations of the Board members remain unchanged and Board members receive the following monthly remuneration:

- EUR 2,700 per month for members of the Board of Directors
- EUR 4,050 per month, for the Vice Chairman
- EUR 5,400 per month, for the Chairman

The Nomination Board proposes that the meeting fees paid to members of the Audit Committee remain unchanged. The Nomination Board proposes that a meeting fee of the members of the Audit Committee will be EUR 700 per meeting and a meeting fee of the Chairman of the Audit Committee EUR 1,050 per meeting. If the Chairman of the Audit Committee is also the Vice Chairman or the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Nomination Board proposes that the fee paid to the Chairman of the Audit Committee is the same as that paid to members of the Audit Committee. Board members having a full-time position in an Aspo Group company are not paid a fee.

Members of the Nomination Board

The Shareholders' Nomination Board consists of the representatives of the four largest shareholders. According to the list of shareholders as of August 31, 2018, the following representatives of the largest shareholders were members of the Nomination Board which prepared proposals for the Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2019: Roberto Lencioni, Chairman (Vehmas family); Veronica Timgren (Nyberg family, including Oy Havsudden Ab); Reima Rytsölä, (Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company); and Annika Ekman (Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company). In addition, Gustav Nyberg, Chairman of Aspo Board of Directors, has acted as an expert member of the Nomination Board. 


Aki Ojanen

Further information: 
Roberto Lencioni, Chairman of the Nomination Board, work tel. +358 30 600 3423,

Aspo is a conglomerate that owns and develops business operations in Northern Europe and growth markets focusing on demanding b-to-b customers. Our strong company brands - ESL Shipping, Leipurin, Telko and Kauko - aim to be the market leaders in their sectors. They are responsible for their own operations, customer relationships and the development of these. Together they generate Aspo's goodwill. Aspo's Group structure and business operations are continually developed without any predefined schedules.  

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