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Aspo Group’s Financial Statements and Sustainability Report 2022 published

Published Mar 9, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Aspo Plc            
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March 9, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.


Aspo Group’s Financial Statements and Sustainability Report 2022 published


Aspo Group’s Financial Statements, Management Report and Sustainability Report 2022 have been published on the company’s website Pdf version is attached to this stock exchange release. The Financial Statements are published in accordance with European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reporting requirements, and it is available separately in XHTML format where the primary statements have been labelled with XBRL tags.

Aspo has also published a separate Corporate Governance Statement as well as a Remuneration Report for 2022. They are available on the company’s website > Corporate governance > Governing principles.

The reports have been published in Finnish and in English.

Aspo Plc

Rolf Jansson

Further information:
Rolf Jansson, CEO, Aspo Plc, tel. +358 400 600 264,

Aspo Year 2022
Corporate Governance Statement 2022
Remuneration Report 2022
XHTML Report

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Aspo creates value by owning and developing business operations sustainably and in the long term. Our companies aim to be market leaders in their sectors. They are responsible for their own operations, customer relationships and the development of these aiming to be forerunners in sustainability. Aspo supports its businesses profitability and growth with the right capabilities. Aspo Group has businesses in 18 countries, and it employs a total of over 900 professionals.