A responsible developer of businesses

The CEO of Aspo Group leads the responsibility work and reports to the Board of Directors in compliance with the company’s risk management policy. Ensuring responsibility is of primary importance for securing the long-term development of the company. Aspo takes climate change seriously and seeks to mitigate its effects with its actions. In 2018, the company also aims to join the Global Compact initiative, where companies commit to acting in compliance with the ten principles related to human rights, standards of working life, the environment and eradication of corruption. In the future, Aspo will report its progress in implementing the ten principles annually as part of the responsibility report.

Aspo acts as a good corporate citizen in all of its operating countries. Being a good corporate citizen is part of social responsibility and means, for example, that Aspo always pays its taxes in the country in which it has made its profit. Only a responsibly managed, growing company can create jobs, tax revenues and wellbeing. Aspo treats its employees and stakeholders in a just and equal manner in all countries where it operates.

The Aspo Group’s Code of Conduct and environmental policy form a common set of rules for all businesses. The development of business operations representing trade and logistics is part of Aspo’s core activities. Above all, Aspo approaches corporate responsibility through responsible management. In the sectors of Aspo’s businesses, the main aspects related to corporate responsibility concern the reduction of energy consumption and waste, wellbeing and safe working conditions of personnel, equality and good governance.

The Code of Conduct, common to all Aspo companies, describes the rules that the personnel of the Group are expected to follow in their work. The code of conduct addresses the legality of operations, business relations, personnel and safety and the company’s assets and property. Aspo has built an online training course on questions related to ethics, which every Aspo employee must successfully complete. In 2017, 63% of Aspo’s employees (34% in 2016) completed the Code of Conduct training. From 2018, the goal is to have all employees successfully complete the training every year. The course material is based on questions and answers related to situations where the personnel must make personal and ethical decisions.

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Updated: 20.03.2018