Expert of demanding work environments

    Kauko is a specialist in demanding work environments, building smart device and service packages that ensure effective and seamless daily activities for employees, also in challenging working conditions.

    The exceptional circumstances that shook the whole world characterized 2020. Their effects also extended to Kauko’s operations and customers. Despite the extraordinary situation, Kauko produced strong results. In healthcare, the company was able to react quickly and adapt its operations to the demand for protective equipment due to the exceptional circumstances, and it focused on serving the authorities and healthcare professionals in their fight against the pandemic.

    Despite the exceptional circumstances, Kauko set its sights far and, together with its customers and partners, sought answers to challenges in customers’ business activities from new technologies. Driven by the exceptional circumstances, this year’s themes included solutions that improve the efficiency and visibility of production environments, make working safer, and provide tools for the transfer of competence and remote cooperation, as well as concrete means for building a safe work and service environment.

    In mobile knowledge work, Kauko lived alongside with its customers during the different stages of the pandemic in 2020. The company helped its industrial customers by providing solutions for the transfer of competence to enable uninterrupted work using remote working tools. During the year, demand for wearable smart glasses increased as a result of the travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. For the transfer of competence, Kauko also delivered a number of AV solutions during the year, as face-to-face meetings were held online.

    For logistics customers, 2020 was a year of significant breakthroughs, with new solutions adding efficiency and a higher visibility to customers’ operations. During the year, Kauko signed new significant customer agreements as a Hansel framework agreement supplier, like in the previous year. In addition, the company maintained the operating capacity of customers critical to society at large through several significant equipment deliveries.

    For healthcare, 2020 was a particularly challenging year when all customers fought the coronavirus pandemic. Kauko’s healthcare business team responded successfully to this challenge by building a solid and productive bridge between Finland and China. As a result, personal protective equipment was delivered to Finland’s healthcare authorities in a situation where the balance between the global supply and demand fluctuated due to the pandemic. At the end of the year, the medical IT business started to recover, and new deals were landed for deliveries in early 2021.


    Updated: 29.07.2021