Sustainability stands for choice

Aspo acts as a good corporate citizen in all of its operating countries. The Group's Code of Conduct and environmental policy form a common set of rules for all businesses.

Being a good corporate citizen means, for example, that Aspo always pays its taxes in the country in which it has made its profit. The transparent operating model serves both investors and other stakeholders.

Aspo's Code of Conduct describes the rules that the personnel of Aspo Group are expected to follow in their work. Aspo has built an online training course on questions related to ethics which every Aspo employee must complete. The course material is based on questions and answers related to situations where the personnel must make personal and ethical decisions.

The Code of Conduct covering all of Aspo's operating countries discuss the legality of operations, business relationships, personnel, safety, and the company's assets and property. 

Updated: 07.04.2017