Vision and targets

Aspo's vision is to increase the value and competence over the long term, from generation to generation. Its goal is to build long-lasting customer relationships that are based on a strong partnership and accumulated special expertise. In this way, Aspo can best produce value for its shareholders.

Aspo aims to reach its long-term financial targets in 2023.

Operating profit of 6% with the current structure

Aspo is able to reach its operating profit target of seven percent, above all, by investing in the development of its customer accounts, setting up a product and service range with a higher margin, and by investing in new effective vessels.

Return on equity more than 20% on average

Aspo's objective is to reach an excellent ROE level of more than 20 percent on average.

Gearing at most 130%

Aspo's target in terms of gearing is at most 130 percent. Being a conglomerate, Aspo is more resistant to indebtedness than companies bearing higher risks, and it utilizes leverage in its operations.

Updated: 13.11.2020