PRIVACY POLICY provides up to date information of Aspo Plc (Business ID: 15477987) for everyone interested of Aspo Group. Aspo’s website is intended for all of Aspo’s external stakeholders and personnel to serve job seekers, investors, the media and all interested in sustainability matters among others.

    The website presents Aspo's business operations, vision and goals. The website also functions as an archive that offers, among others, corporate governance information, financial reports and news from various years.

    Aspo Group’s printed and electronic materials such as releases and annual reviews can be downloaded on Aspo’s website. Registration to events organized by Aspo, sending feedback and contacting Aspo can also be done on the website


    The person agrees to abide by these terms of use when visiting Aspo's website ( If necessary, Aspo can change the terms of use thus it is desirable to explore these terms of use on a regular basis. If you do not accept these terms, we recommend refraining from Aspo's website.

    Aspo reserves all rights to the website and its contents, and protects them in accordance with copyright law, unless they indicated otherwise. If the stock and press releases, downloadable materials or printable logos are used in journalism purposes, a source of information shall be mentioned in the publication. The website’s photos and videos are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes or for purposes contrary to good practices.

    Aspo aims to keep the content of their website in real time, but is unable to provide guarantees for their accuracy. Links that are owned or operated by third parties can exist on Aspo's website, but Aspo is not responsible to these contents.


    Aspo’s website uses cookies so that the site can be further developed to more user-friendly. A cookie is a small file that Aspo’s web server stores onto the user’s computer. However, if a person does not wish to receive these files, they can turn cookies off using their browser’ settings. This may affect the usability of Aspo's website. If cookies are not blocked, a person is considered to have accepted their storing their machine.

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