Aspo's financial goals, derived from its strategy, are based on calculations made from the company's profit-making capabilities, and they are closely interconnected. Profitability and return on equity are more important indicators for Aspo than the development of net sales, which is more susceptible to external factors.

Aspo is able to reach its operating profit target of seven percent, above all, by investing in the development of its customer accounts and setting up a product and service range with a higher margin.

Aspo's objective is to reach an excellent ROE level of more than 20 percent on average.

Aspo's target in terms of gearing is at most 130 percent. The low business risks of a conglomerate are able to withstand indebtedness better than on average.

Aspo aims to reach the following financial targets by 2020:

  • Operating profit of 7% with the current structure
  • Return on equity of over 20% on average
  • Gearing at most 130%

Guidance for 2019

Aspo's operating profit will be EUR 24-30 (20.6) million in 2019.

Updated: 01.08.2019

Operating profit, %

Return on equity; % (ROE)

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