Strengths of a conglomerate

    Aspo has the will, skills and resources to develop its businesses in light of its far-reaching strategic vision. Aspo's key expertise is to expand and internationalize medium-sized companies. Operating in multiple fields enables a steady development of profit and diversified risks. Being a conglomerate, Aspo also has significant profit-making potential.

    1. Offering an extensive strategic understanding of the operating environment.
    2. Enabling larger investments, which single businesses would not necessarily have the prerequisites for.
    3. Setting up a structure that balances fluctuations in economic situations because of cycles that differ from one subsidiary to another.
    4. Forming a balanced entity with dispersed cash flows according to both business and geographical region.
    5. Performing long-term developments from generation to generation.
    6. Enabling structural arrangements. Businesses can be developed dynamically and independently.

    Updated: 14.02.2019