Social responsibility

    Aspo’s Code of Conduct and HR management and development principles guide the Group’s operations as a responsible employer. Aspo respects the freedom of association of employees and complies with local laws in each operating country. In emerging markets, Aspo aims to lead the way and spread responsible operating methods.

    The engagement of employees and wellbeing at work comprise one of the most significant areas of responsibility in Aspo Group. For example, Aspo aims to contribute to this by providing opportunities for professional development for its employees at all levels of the organization, building an encouraging atmosphere and attending to wellbeing at work. Aspo regularly assesses the satisfaction of employees with their own tasks, the quality of management, and Aspo as an employer by conducting an annual atmosphere survey. In 2019, overall job satisfaction remained high, with the satisfaction of employees with their own work increasing to 4.27 (4.22) on a scale of 1 to 5. Long careers are also an indication of engagement and wellbeing: some 30% of all employees have worked in Aspo Group for more than ten years, and the average length of career was 7.3 (7.0) years in 2019.


    Updated: 09.03.2020