Operating environment

    Thanks to its long history, Aspo has a thorough strategic understanding of the operating environment and any changes in it. Expertise is the key for growth. Aspo has worked a long haul to reach its current strong position in the eastern markets. Growth in the eastern markets is generated from the organic expansion into new product and service segments and new market areas. Understanding the eastern markets requires a broad vision, across individual quarters and temporary cycles.

    Shipping operations are focused on true long-term partnerships. ESL Shipping is a respected expert in its field, which reliably takes care of its customers' important raw material transportation.

    The climate change, a carbon-free Helsinki and emphasized environmental sustainability have strongly shaped the operations of ESL Shipping. It is one of the first shipping companies to operate in the Northern Sea Route, and it has also quickly reacted to the decreasing use of coal by investing in the transportation of bioenergy. The company's environmental sustainability rose to a new level when its new LNG-fueled vessels started operating in 2018.

    Updated: 04.05.2020

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