Leipurin – A connoisseur of food trends

    Leipurin produces solutions for bakery and confectionery products, the food industry and out-of-home markets. The company delivers all raw materials, preparations, frozen products and equipment required by bakeries, as well as special products that produce added value to the other food industry. Leipurin's principals include leading international manufacturers in their fields.

    Leipurin also supplies bakery production lines, baking units, and other machinery and equipment required in the food industry. The company has own machine production and represents leading principals in the field.

    Its full-range service is supplemented by the leading product development in the field, advisory services and customer training. Leipurin assists bakeries and other food industry companies in their product development and channels the latest know-how in the field. Leipurin's test bakeries put theory into practice, for example, when developing new products. 

    Leipurin operates in Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. In Russia, its operations cover all geographical areas.

    Further information available at http://www.leipurin.com


    Updated: 11.02.2021

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