Kauko – An expert in mobile knowledge work

    Kauko specializes in customized hardware and software solutions for demanding field conditions and critical social functions.  Kauko is an innovative product developer for its extensive customer base and has a thorough understanding of the special requirements of each field.

    In its operations, Kauko invests also in healthcare technology, in which its expertise covers mobile solutions for healthcare treatment areas customized together with its customers.

    In addition to healthcare services, mobile knowledge work solutions are extensively used in logistics and other industries. Kauko's tools that meet the tight requirements of field work open up possibilities to improve the efficiency and productivity. Tools designed for the needs of trade and logistics answer changes in the field of trade, and meet requirements set for cost efficiency and the growing need for information management.

    Aspo has changed its segment reporting so that Kauko is reported as part of the Telko segment starting from January 1, 2019.

    Further information available at http://www.kauko.com

    Update: 09.03.2020