Human rights

Aspo treats its employees in a just and equal manner in all countries where it operates. The applicable local legislation and regulations are complied with in all contracts of employment. These concern, among other things, working hours, remuneration, opportunities, human rights and working conditions. There is a whistleblowing channel in place for reporting any human rights violations. The matters reported through the whistleblowing channel are received by the Group’s Legal Counsel and discussed at Aspo’s Board of Directors' meetings. In 2017, no confirmed cases of violation were reported through the channel. One case of discrimination was reported to HR, where a photograph targeting a single group of people was pinned on the notice board of an ESL Shipping vessel. The photograph was ordered to be removed, and the matter was discussed among the ship’s personnel.

In the annual employee survey, the employees are asked if they are aware of the whistleblowing channel, where an opportunity is provided for reporting any observations. In the 2018 survey, 92 % (76) of employees said they were aware of the Group’s internal whistleblowing procedure in possible misconduct situations. The objective is to make the entire personnel aware of the whistleblowing channel.

Aspo’s Code of Conduct absolutely prohibits any discrimination of employees on the basis of race, color of skin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age or any other factor. Aspo Group does not use child labor. Aspo is aware of the seriousness of the risk of human trafficking at the supply chain level and of the human rights violations related to conflict minerals, for example, in raw material trade. On-site audits related to this project that were planned for 2018 will be conducted during the first quarter of 2019. In 2017, a Supplier Code of Conduct document was prepared in all Aspo’s businesses for ensuring appropriate methods of operation.

Updated: 13.03.2019