Generous dividend payer

Aspo has changed its dividend policy in November 2018. According to its new dividend policy, Aspo's goal is to annually increase the amount of dividends. Starting from 2017, Aspo has adopted a twice-a-year distribution policy.

Dividend for 2019

The shareholders approved the payment of a dividend totalling EUR 0.11 per share. The dividend will be paid to shareholders who are registered in the shareholders' register maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy on the record date of May 6, 2020. The dividend is paid on May 13, 2020.

In addition, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting authorized the Board of Directors to decide on a payment of dividend in the maximum amount of EUR 0.11 per share, through one or several installments, at a later time when Aspo can more precisely estimate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic to the company’s business. The authorization is valid until the next Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. The company will separately disclose the possible dividend decision by the Board of Directors and in the same connection confirm the appropriate record and payment dates.


Updated: 04.05.2020

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