Chief Executive Officer

    The Board of Directors appoints Aspo Plc’s CEO. The CEO leads and develops the Group’s business and is responsible for the operative management in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors. The CEO presents matters and reports to the Board of Directors. The CEO is responsible for the Group administration in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors, and for the company accounting complying with applicable legislation and for the reliable arrangement of the company finances. He also serves as the chairman of the subsidiary Boards and acts as the operational supervisor of the Managing Directors of the subsidiaries and Group administration. He is also responsible for internal audit and for Group risk management, which are coordinated by the CFO.

    Since 2009, the CEO of Aspo has been Aki Ojanen, eMBA (born 1961). CEO’s key work experience and key positions of trust are presented in Group Executive Committee.

    The terms of the CEO’s employment relationship have been agreed in writing in the CEO agreement. Detailed information regarding the CEO's remuneration and pension benefits is available in the Remuneration statement.

    Updated: 07.04.2017