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Success is built on open interaction

Open interaction, compliance with agreements and mutual trust are key factors for the success of Telko and its subcontractors. Telko prepared the Supplier Code of Conduct in 2018, and it requires that all of its subcontractors comply with it.

In 2018, storage facilities used by Telko were audited in many countries. As a result of interviews and visits, minor non-conformities were discovered. Telko has already reported these to the concerned partners. The fulfillment of recommendations and guidelines will be verified during further visits. On the basis of the audits, chemical safety guidelines will be prepared for all storage facilities.

Telko is currently developing the responsible management of the supply chain. Processes will be built for responsibility audits on the basis of experiences obtained from on-site audits conducted during 2019. Key areas include corruption and bribery, the environment, human rights, occupational safety and health, and official levies and taxes.

Addressing risks already when selecting suppliers is the most effective way of preventing corruption. The responsibility of the supply chain will also be developed so that this theme is actively emphasized, for example, by demanding suppliers to prepare their own Codes of Conduct. In addition, suppliers will also be asked to report how they monitor their own subcontractors. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is also monitored by means of compliance audits that cover, for example, bribery, sanctions, competition, conflicts of interest and the use of the whistleblowing channel. In China, for example, Telko’s purchasing officer audits the activities of suppliers.

Human rights play a key part in all Telko’s partnerships. Subcontractors are required to comply with international human rights laws and treat all of their employees equally and with respect. Telko also applies zero tolerance regarding the use of child labor and forced labor.

A good example of open interaction is that customers also demand Telko to comply with their Codes of Conduct, and they also audit Telko’s operations. Bilateral cooperation improves the ethical side of the entire supply chain.

Updated: 25.02.2019