Sustainable plastics

    In August 2019, Telko was the first Finnish distributor to receive the ISCC Plus certificate. International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) promotes sustainable solutions in supply chains. ISCC Plus is a certificate granted for biobased plastics. Accordingly, Telko can provide plastic raw materials produced in line with mass balance principles for its customers.

    The mass balance system enables the increased use of bio-based feedstocks in polymer supply chains. In the system, part of the fossil feedstocks used in the manufacture of plastics is replaced by renewable feedstocks, such as reusable plant oil or palm oil. When buying certified plastics, customers know that fossil feedstocks are replaced by the same amount of renewable feedstocks. They can therefore promote the use of renewable raw materials.

    Telko’s first ISCC-certified customer projects, in which sustainably produced plastic materials are used, are already in progress.

    “We supply certified and sustainably produced polymers for the manufacture of plastic products,” says Kimmo Liinamaa, development manager of Telko’s plasticbusiness. “Customers know that they are promoting the use of renewable raw materials.

    ”The granting of this certificate to Telko is a concrete indication of Telko’s strategy to invest in sustainable and eco-friendly alternate raw materials. Industrial sectors that use plastic raw materials require alternatives for conventional raw materials in western markets, in particular, and seek to find eco-friendlier solutions, and Telko aims to respond to this demand.






    Updated: 10.03.2020