Sustainability audits started

    Telko started to plan a pilot project for sustainability audits in 2018, and the first on-site audits were conducted in Russia and China in early 2019. These audits were based on a frame of reference built with an external consulting company, based on Telko’s Code of Conduct for suppliers.

    During the audits, Telko’s representatives and external consultants interviewed representatives of suppliers regarding sustainability and responsibility, and discussed Telko’s requirements for human rights, environmental responsibility and safety guidelines, for example. Facilities and production plants were also audited.

    Telko has hundreds of suppliers all over the world. In addition to on-site sustainability audits, a larger group of suppliers is monitored through self-assessments. A self-assessment questionnaire was sent to Telko’s 100 largest suppliers in November. Its results provide the company with valuable information about the supplier network, and enable resources to be allocated better and the audit process to be fine-tuned. The same questionnaire will also be used to assess the sustainability and responsibility of potential suppliers. These assessments also act as selection criteria, with the aim of securing sustainable operations throughout Telko’s value chain.

    Audits and self-assessments give us an even better understanding of the current situation, and what we can reasonably demand from our suppliers in each area. It is obvious that we can lead the way in terms of sustainability in certain markets, and we’re working hard to this end,” says Piia Appelqvist, HSEQ manager at Telko.






    Updated: 09.03.2020