Five-star technology

    In April 2019, MS Viikki and MS Haaga, ESL Shipping’s dry bulk cargo vessels fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG), received the highest five-star environmental label from Clean Shipping Index (CSI). CSI is an independent non-profit organization. Its research methodology is assessed by a technical committee consisting of specialists and researchers.

    “This independent CSI assessment proves that our new and innovative LNG-fueled vessels will help us to provide our customers with the eco-friendliest and the most sustainable transportation option in the markets,” summarizes Mikki Koskinen, managing director of ESL Shipping. CSI’s environmental impact assessment is a very comprehensive process, taking into account emissions into the air and sea from vessels. The assessment covers direct exhaust emissions, chemicals used and on-board water and waste management.

    The environmental footprint of these vessels is reduced by many innovative solutions that aim to minimize emissions and energy consumption. The use of liquefied natural gas and powerful engines significantly reduces emissions into the atmosphere. The advanced ballast treatment system and the recovery system for water used to wash the cargo space minimize emissions into the sea.

    Viikki and Haaga are the eco-friendliest dry bulk cargo vessels in the world,  and they already meet environmental requirements set for 2025. Delivered in 2018, the vessels produce more than 50% fewer carbon dioxide emissions and 98% fewer particulate emissions than the previous generation of vessels in the same size category.






    Updated: 09.03.2020