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    The lowest emission bulk carriers in the world

    The environment is a frequent theme around ESL Shipping, a subsidiary of Aspo. We believe the only way to develop maritime transport is through solutions based on automation and environmental efficiency. During the past eight years, we have invested EUR 200 million in ESL Shipping. As part of this investment program, MS Viikki and MS Haaga, new dry bulk carriers that are among the lowest emission vessels in the world, started operating in the Baltic Sea in autumn 2018.

    The design of these vessels started five years ago. Both vessels use modern technologies, one of the most important of which is the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the main engine, three auxiliary engines and the heating boiler. These 160-meter and 25,600 dwt vessels produce more than 50% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than the previous vessel generation. The environmental footprint of these vessels is reduced by many groundbreaking solutions that aim to minimize emissions and fuel consumption. As a result of innovative technologies, both vessels already fulfill the environmental requirements set for 2025.

    MS Viikki and MS Haaga have been designed in Finland, and European equipment suppliers account for roughly 60% of the total value of the vessel investments. Both vessels were built at Jinling shipyards in China, from where they arrived in Finland fully laden via Japan and the Northern Sea Route. The use of the Northern Sea Route reduced the travel time by three weeks and emissions by more than 40% compared with the route passing through the Panama Canal.

    Updated: 25.02.2019