Compliance program in use

    Compliance often means the observance of requirements, laws, rules and regulations. At Aspo, compliance means ensuring that we act in accordance with requirements that are derived from laws and regulations, our compliance manual, our internal guidelines, Aspo’s Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact principles.

    Aspo Group started to develop its compliance program in 2019. The purpose was to develop business processes, internal guidelines, as well as documentation and reporting. The ultimate goal was to raise the bar in compliance-related matters.

    “The purpose of the compliance program is to ensure that we always abide by laws, the company’s principles and operating models, and the Group’s values. As a result, we can reduce business risks, protect Aspo’s reputation and meet our stakeholders’ expectations. Everything revolves around responsible and ethical operations,” says Toni Santalahti, director of legal affairs and compliance officer at Aspo Group.

    The implementation of the program made good progress during the year. First, compliance officers and other key employees were appointed in each subsidiary. Next, every business distributed the program to all their locations. The purpose of the online training course, mandatory for all employees, is to communicate the importance of compliance in day-to-day activities and teach employees what to do in different situations by use of examples. It is also important to show how and where the personnel can report any suspected violations.

    “Our compliance manuals and our Code of Conduct give us guidelines for working ethically and responsibly,” Santalahti says in summary.






    Updated: 09.03.2020