Aspo Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behavior that are expected of Aspo Group staff in the performance of their duties. It gives guidance in areas where staff members need to make personal and ethical decisions.

This Code of Conduct applies to all Aspo Group staff and operations. All Aspo employees must understand and comply with the Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct is approved and issued by Aspo’s Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will update the Code of Conduct when necessary, and will monitor that the Code of Conduct is adhered to.

1. Compliance with the law

Employees of the Aspo Group act according to applicable laws of each country where our companies do business. It is the policy of the Aspo Group to comply for example with competition laws, antitrust laws, environmental laws, employment and labor laws, securities laws, and all other laws and regulations related to our businesses.

All employees respect fair competition and ensure that there will be no illegal exchanges of information between competitors. No employee shall engage in anti-competitive conduct in violation of any such competition or antitrust laws.

The Aspo Group is committed to conducting its businesses in an environmentally sound manner.

In the Aspo Group our most important resource is our employees. All employment must be in compliance with applicable local laws and regulations, including those concerning hours, compensation, opportunity, human rights and working conditions. The Aspo Group strictly prohibits discrimination or harassment against any employee because of the individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or any other matter. The Aspo Group will not employ child labor.

Any employee who possesses confidential information about the Aspo Group and its businesses undertakes to keep such information confidential.

2. Business relations

Employees of Aspo will do their utmost so that Aspo is regarded as a fair business partner with a good business reputation. As far as it is in Aspo’s control, Aspo’s aim is to carry out business only with reliable suppliers, customers and other partners who are committed to act ethically and in accordance with laws and regulations. Aspo’s business is based on knowing our business partners, the professional skills of our employees, and high quality products and services.

3. Personnel and safety

Employees of Aspo Group do not take personal advantage of any information about Aspo or its business, Aspo Group’s suppliers or customers. All kind of illegal gifts given or received as bribery in any form is absolutely forbidden, with the exception of normal and legal business gifts and hospitality.

It is the policy of the Aspo Group that all employees must have an opportunity to work in an inspiring and motivating atmosphere. All employees, superiors and subordinates are responsible for promoting well-being in the Aspo Group by encouraging and supporting their fellow workers. All employees in the Aspo Group are entitled to proper management and behavior from superiors, subordinates and colleagues in order to achieve desirable working conditions.

Occupational safety is at the core of the well-being of our employees in the Aspo Group. Especially in vessels and warehouses with chemicals and other raw materials or foodstuff, health and safety issues should under no circumstances be neglected in the interest of cost savings or profits. We also care about and promote the safety of the environment both on land and at sea.

4. Company funds and assets

All employees are obligated to protect the funds, assets and information of the Aspo Group. No employee shall use funds, assets or information or opportunities that arise in the course of his or her employment to pursue personal opportunities or gain.

5. Approving and monitoring the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental requirements for how to do business in the Aspo Group. It is approved by the Board of Directors of Aspo Plc and every single employee is responsible for acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Management and supervisors have special responsibilities for communicating, monitoring, and acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct in their organizations.

It is every employee’s responsibility to report any activity that violates the Code of Conduct of the Aspo Group. Any report must be addressed to the closest supervisor, or the Managing Director of the division in question, the CEO of Aspo Plc or the Secretary of the Aspo Plc board. All contact with the secretary of the Aspo Board (email: will be reported to the board of Aspo Plc/Supervision Committee.

Aspo Board of Directors, February 14, 2011

Updated: 13.03.2019