Anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures

Aspo’s Code of Conduct absolutely prohibit any activities fulfilling the characteristics of corruption or bribery. The annual Code of Conduct training applicable to all employees includes anti-corruption issues and provides guidance for identifying any suspicious situations and methods considered unethical. In 2017, two separate cases of suspected misconduct related to the company’s own personnel were discovered in Telko’s foreign units. They were thoroughly investigated, but did not lead to any legal actions. The persons concerned are no longer employed by the company. Aspo also has a whistleblowing channel in place for reporting any misconduct. No confirmed cases of corruption or bribery were reported in 2017.

Aspo is aware that it operates in countries like Russia, the Ukraine and Iran, where corruption is commonplace according to Transparency International. Cash, for example, is not handled at all in Aspo’s business transactions in order to avoid any misconduct. Regarding risk surveys, Aspo carries out internal inspections of internal control and legal matters in its businesses. Training is also provided in order to improve the employees’ motivation to utilize the whistleblowing channel.

In 2017, a Supplier Code of Conduct document was produced in all Aspo’s businesses for ensuring appropriate methods of operation.

Updated: 20.03.2018