Anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures

    As an international company, Aspo also operates in countries in which corruption is common. According to Transparency International, these include Russia and Ukraine. To prevent any misconduct, the use of cash has been minimized in Aspo’s businesses. Aspo’s Internal Audit and Legal Affairs conduct audits within all businesses in
    accordance with annual plans.

    Aspo’s Code of Conduct absolutely prohibits corruption and bribery in all their forms. Code of Conduct training includes anti-corruption issues and provides guidance for identifying any suspicious situations and practices considered unethical. Telko also uses more detailed guidelines for bribery, and it complies with the FECC’s Code of Conduct.

    The key tool in the prevention of corruption and bribery is the responsible management of the supply chain. To ensure appropriate operating methods, Aspo has prepared the Supplier Code of Conduct, compliance with which is monitored in all businesses. For example, Telko conducts separate sustainability audits.

    Updated: 09.03.2020