Long-term development

    Aspo is a conglomerate that specializes in demanding B-to-B customers. It owns and develops its businesses in Northern Europe and in selected growing markets. Aspo's wholly owned subsidiaries ESL Shipping, Leipurin, Telko and Kauko operate under their own strong brands and provide value for their customers. The objective of the trade and logistics businesses is to be the market leaders in their sectors. Aspo's value is produced by the entity formed by its businesses.

    Aspo has solid experience in the active development of its businesses. Aspo's key objective is to expand and internationalize medium-sized companies. Being a conglomerate, Aspo is able to make larger investments that would otherwise be unreachable for single businesses. Aspo decides on the role of each business it represents as part of the whole and, if required, it is also ready to make structural changes: to acquire, divest and list businesses.

    Aspo's good performance is the result of years of hard work and is based on correct strategic solutions, successful investments and good management. Future growth objectives are supported by the Group's management system where the Boards of Directors of each business play a central part. New strategic guidelines have been prepared by the Boards of Directors of each business under the leadership of the best experts in specific business sectors. Aspo's CEO acts as the Chairman of the subsidiary Boards; this best serves Group-level development.

    Creating shareholder value is the basis of all operations for Aspo. The company develops its businesses and the entire Group structure so that they produce the best possible returns for shareholders.

    Updated: 14.02.2019