Environmental sustainability

Sustainability is reflected in Aspo's selections and the concrete actions it makes for the good of the environment. Continuous operational improvement is the core principle of Aspo's environmental policy. Aspo always aims to address critical environmental issues beyond the minimum requirements of laws and regulations.

A good environmental reputation is also an ever-more important competitive factor for the company. Aspo has taken a new significant leap towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly sea transportation. ESL Shipping has ordered two ice-strengthened vessels that will be the world's first large LNG-fueled dry bulk cargo vessels. The carbon dioxide emissions of the significantly more energy-efficient vessels per transported cargo ton will be more than 50 percent lower compared with current vessels.

A smaller but an equally concrete example of environmental action is Aspo's personnel car policy. Accordingly, employees will be entitled to a discount for their car deduction if they select an option where the emissions fall below the average value for all cars offered by the company. The aim is that this arrangement will reduce average emissions.

The company's environmental sustainability is also further advanced by Aspo Group's head office, which is located in an office building that has been granted a platinum LEED environmental certificate. The energy-efficient building consumes 30–50 percent less energy than a regular building. 



Updated: 07.04.2017